Cerro Verde National Park

Located in El Salvador, the Parque Nacional Los Volcanes, also known as Cerro Verde National Park, is home to three famous volcanoes: Cerro Verde, Izalco, and Santa Ana. Our goal is to help protect this unique landscape.

5% of $VCC goes to the National Park to protect Flora and Fauna.

The Cerro Verde National Park accommodates diverse species of plants and trees. The flora of this area identifies the plant formation as nebulous forests, or cold zone vegetation. The flora is exuberant, always green due to the high humidity of the soil and the air, resulting from the constant mist and the frequent rains. Many animals find refuge in this reserve, registering about 127 species of birds. One of them, the Guardabarranco, is considered one of the five best songbirds in the world.

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*Our Project-Team and the Open Capital Gropup LLC is already in contact with El Salvador’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN) and ohter government agencies.

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Mining via Geothermal Energy (Vulcano Power) in El Salvador

Currently, El Savador derives around 64% of its electricity from renewable energy, namely hydropower, solar and geothermal. The geothermal power generation capacity in El Salvador today lies at 204 MW with around 110 MW of potential additional geothermal power generation capacity either planned or under development. As President Nayib Bukele announced, this energy should also be used to mine cryptocurrencys such as Bitcoin – completely environmentally friendly and renewable.